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General Manager Notes: Playoffs?
Indeed, we're in, with week 17 still to go.

Five straight wins and we've secured our spot, in part result of other teams dropping a game here or there, but we can't take away from our own performance here. We won 33-21 at Texas (where the score should have been much higher), then 31-17 at home against Bordeaux and today 30-3 at home against Moontown. The latter a team I feared the most, but they've fallen apart after their 37-10 crushing of Gothenburg. All of this means we've got a 1.5 win lead over Paris both in the division and the wild card race.

1. Gothenburg 11-4
2. Maassluis 10-4-1
3. Paris 9-6
4. Bordeaux 4-11

Wild card race:
5. Maassluis 10-4-1
6. Orlando 10-5
7. Paris 9-6
8. San Antonio 8-5-2

Week 17: Paris at Maassluis, Bordeaux at Gothenburg.

It'll be too much wishful thinking to hope for seeing Bordeaux at Gothenburg, I think the odds of us losing at home against Paris are even higher. If that miracle happens, we'll leapfrog not just to the division title, but also to the second sees far behind the 14-1 Tucker Tigers. But never say never.

Moe Sheldon threw for 377 yards today, which was the third highest in his career and most in the orange-white-and-blue jersey and earned him offensive player of the week honors. Is the slightly reconstructed game plan starting to help his case? Although, having a defense that allows 185 total yards, 8 yards rushing on 8 attempts, that also helps. Theodore Bondy was old school with an 80-yard touchdown, but he still needs 72 yards to have a 1,000-yard season. His luck in that regard is that the #2 seed is on the line, otherwise he'd be sitting out week 17. In return, maybe this motivates him to play one more good game to close out the regular season?

Anyway, one more game before the playoffs. Let's get through that one first.
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