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June Report
--CWA now has $1.83 million available after posting a solid $362,780 gain in June.

--With the company size increasing to ‘Cult’, our company prestige increases to 86, an increase of 16 from June 1. Company momentum stands at 98.

Best Matches of June
**Singles – ‘Dr. Death’ Steve Williams def. Randy Savage at the Battle of Memphis (93)

**Tag Team – Junkyard Dog and Jerry Lawler def. Buzz Sawyer and Larry Zbyzsko at the Battle of Memphis (99)

Best Card of the Month
** The Battle of Memphis rated a 97, our highest of the year so far.

The card for Red, White, and Bruise

CWA World Heavyweight Title Unification Match
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Buzz Sawyer vs NWA Central States Champion Junkyard Dog

CWA American Title Unification Match
NWA Missouri Heavyweight Champion Super Destroyer #1 vs NWA Mid-America Champion Steve Williams

CWA World Tag Team Title Match
Total Elimination Match
Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Champions) vs The Midnight Express vs The Fabulous Ones

Manny Fernandez and Randy Savage vs Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee

Bobby Eaton vs Super Destroyer #2

Koko Ware vs Meng

Hercules Hernandez vs Wendell Cooley

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