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My micro-dynasty:

My pre-draft deals move us to having four picks in the top 20, at 1.4, 1.6, 1.12, and 1.16 Ė I intend to consider dealing down more once I see what is available at each slot. I donít really have a serious plan for this team, other than to probably focus on offensive players at the hard-to-fill positions with my very high picks.

4. Golden Hill - Clemons, Bryan, T, Albany
6. Golden Hill - Winters, O.J., RB, Idaho
12. Golden Hill - Newman, Sammie, WR, North Carolina
16. Golden Hill - Mayhem, Bert, QB, Appalachian State
34. Golden Hill - Reeves, Jerry, WR, Boston College
65. Golden Hill - Barlow, Fernando, DE, Washington State
82. Golden Hill - Newhart, Mike, DT, Northwestern
98. Golden Hill - Hutchins, Barry, CB, Minnesota
100. Golden Hill - Emerling, Dexter, CB, Army
129. Golden Hill - Ramos, Lance, G, Louisiana State
144. Golden Hill - Hoffman, Jimmie, DT, Southern Methodist
148. Golden Hill - Irwin, B.J., T, Sacramento State
162. Golden Hill - Mahoney, Kurt, QB, Washington
193. Golden Hill - Campbell, Lorenzo, OLB, Purdue
212. Golden Hill - Rawls, Floyd, S, Florida State

I really donít mess around a lot with draft-day trades Ė I tried to move down from 1.4 and 1.6, but just didnít feel like I was getting that much in return, so I stood pat and took my BPAs at both slots. I donít usually build around RB and OT, but here I am.

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