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Zach Swift and Lincoln Murray had 933 and 895 tackles respectively for me.

Swift was a bit of an afterthought for me... I think I grabbed him with my last draft pick, 7.27, but he had a nice steady career never having less than 70 tackles in any season and topping out at 105 with no awards. He is still active (30/30) at the end of the dynasty. Murray was picked at 3.14 and had a similar career winning 1st team OLB in 2017.

DEs Vince Schmidgall (2.28) and Allen Whalen (2.18) made provided a solid pass rush with 105 sacks (5.9 PR%) and 91 sacks (5.8 PR%). DT Marcus Danek (1.16) anchored the front seven finished 3rd in tackles and sacks with 562 tackles and 79 sacks (4.8 PR%) and winning back to back 1st team DT honors in 2017 and 2018... he's still very good too -- 56/56.

FS Trevor Gomez (URFA) was probably my best DB finishing with 52 ints (2nd in league history) and an 83.2 PD%. LCB Bo Granados (1.17) was a huge bust despite having nice ratings most of his career... 9 ints and a 79.5 PD%. RCB Roderick Barker (3.29) ended up being much better with 27 ints and a 80.8 PD%.
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