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Question: how interchangeable are OF positions? It's been a long time since I have played OOTP regularly. If I were to select someone who hypothetically never played an inning in LF in their career, but I moved them to LF, how much would that mess with them?

Also, I should be around almost all day tomorrow. If it gets stuck on me and that list still has people in it, feel free to pick for me, but give me a reasonable amount of time first (an hour or two should be plenty).

Yeah, I don't think you'd want to do that if they don't have any experience at the position. It's certainly not "OF positions are interchangeable" from my experience. And that actually brings a couple more important points to my mind, as haven't imported historical players into OOTP in many years.

1) Will imported players come in with just experience and rating at their primary position they played that year, or a realistic balance of the positions they played that season/over the import period?

2) Will the CPU manager put SP as relievers and actually use them reliably, or is it going to freak out and do stupid stuff if you don't have a true MR/CL on the roster? Not sure if anyone is considering doing that, but that would be sad if somebody takes a bunch of great SP and ruins their team. Historically dominant relievers are not a dime a dozen.
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