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So my philosophy during the draft was a combination of building a lineup I liked while trying to find relative value. I think I got a little too cute with some of my "clever" picks - Todd Helton comes to mind, as I mentioned during the draft - and generally think that I put far too high a value on players on less talent-rich teams. That being said, I am pretty content with the team I ended up with.

As I look at it, I'm happiest with:
  • My bullpen. Was really hoping to sneak Eckersley in, but getting Gagne and Wagner for my righty and lefty out of the pen makes me really happy.
  • 2nd base. I graded Hornsby, Morgan, and Collins as a huge step above everyone else, and when I missed out on all three I immediately moved 2B to the very bottom of my priority list. I had visions of snagging Robbie Alomar in the mid-to-late rounds, but jbergey got to him before I could, so I waited even longer. I had Bret Boone and Chuck Knoblauch as my two options, and opted for Knoblauch so I could have another leadoff-type hitter to slot in at #9 to turn the order back around.
  • 3rd base. I wasn't really sure what to make of 3B for most of the draft; Mike Schmidt was to me the clear #1, but he ended up the third guy drafted at the position. EagleFan can testify that Schmidt was at the top of several lists I sent him, for multiple rounds...and I always ended up talking myself out of him when it finally came to my pick. I paid serious consideration to Brooks Robinson when we got to the 7th round...and then yeah took him in the 8th. I honestly was at a loss, until I started doing some research. I found Scott Rolen and Josh Donaldson, and loved both options. I was torn on Donaldson, because at the time I was still contemplating Robbie Alomar for 2nd base. In the end I went with Rolen, and I couldn't be happier. I'm honestly kind of disappointed to have forgotten about him; he was one of my favorite players when he was in his prime, as I was (and still am in beer league) a 3B myself.

What I'm not so thrilled about:
  • My starting pitching. I think I missed in exactly the wrong way; I didn't get in early enough to get the headliners (either of the Johnsons, Pedro, Maddux, Kourax, Gibson, Clemens), and I used some excellently valuable early-ish picks when I could have gotten similar pitchers with much later picks (Sale, Ryan, Glavine, Blue). I love terrific Tom and "Grover" Pete Alexander, but I don't think they are big enough advantages over some of the much later picked pitchers that they justify their draft slots.
  • Hank Aaron. Hard to be disappointed in someone as great as Hammerin' Hank...I mean, he's Hank effing Aaron. But he killed the Braves, which took a ton of great options off the table for me, and he's really just a power hitter. He wasn't the best defender, and even though I was able to get him in a 31 SB season I'm not sure how much value that is really going to get me. And as my 2nd round pick...I think the legacy and real-life cache of his name got to me.
  • My bench. I ended up going with a 3rd and 4th SP to round out my bullpen rather than flesh out my bench, so I only have two position players on the bench. While I loved getting The Big Hurt late and think he'll be an asset as power off the bench, I think Zobrist was probably me getting too cute again. I didn't end up getting a lefty masher (Willie Stargell was right there for the taking, too), and I also didn't get a backup catcher (Bill Dickey, I'm looking at you); so the only guy in the lineup I would realistically pinch hit for, Carlton Fisk, is the only option at Catcher, and therefore cannot be pinch hit for.
All in all, this was a blast, and I can't wait to see how the games play out!

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