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Also, I forgot to include the two Reapers I mentioned before. These are not managed by anyone on this board/in the Anilophiles club.

123. Shakti Vemireddy(19, SRI)

Consensus, and I agree with it, is that Vemireddy is the best 'material' I jettisoned. Excellent endurance though not as good as the guys I kept, and a good athlete. Fairly run-of-the-mill talent for a top player though, so combined with the endurance I just couldn't keep him. Anyway, he's played a lot of challengers already in a packed schedule, reaching the final of two of them a couple months ago but no titles yet. Slightly faster aging factor than Chittoor, and a few weeks older. He's in a hot hurry to get somewhere, but I think it'll start slowing down in the coming months.

161. Girish Shivakumar(19, SRI)

Chittoor met him in a futures final awhile back, and lost. Badly. Shivakumar has only played two challengers, but has a semi and final appearance to show for it so he's definitely also on a rising path. A few months older, he's slow with 'only' 3.8 endurance - still very good but definitely not elite. Lots of strength which has been a big asset for him. Not a major long-term threat, but he's a handful right now.

Both of these will complicate the ambitions of our crop of young guns as we all press upwards.
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