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Originally Posted by RainMaker View Post
He'd have to change his offensive game a bit. He's still heavy on the iso stuff and a ball stopper. A lot more Carmelo to his game than Paul George in my opinion.
Yep. We're not talking the player Jimmy Butler looked like he was developing into in 2014, we're talking about the one who prefers to run a ball stopping iso-heavy one (granted Thibodeau isn't the best offensive coach), that has also shown problems playing with a superstar and helping develop young guys, and indicated with his trade list he cares more about being the alpha dog in a big market than playing for a winner.

You really think the guy who just put 3 of the NY/LA teams on his trade lists but not LeBron's is accepting that he could/should be a 2nd banana on a championship team?

PS there is 0.0% chance Kyrie goes to the Knicks, and I still believe the real on court problem in Minnesota wasn't KAT/Butler, it was giving Andrew Wiggins his max extension before he showed any willingness to try on defense.
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