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UWF Overview

UWF is a hard hitting, entertainment based company operating out of the Mid South. It runs a weekly television show which tapes on Sunday's and airs on Saturdays. Each month features a Supercard as well. The UWF has 100k in the bank currently which is not enough by any means. We are at C- importance in the Mid South, E+ in the Mid West, E in the South East and Mid Atlantic, E- in the Great Lakes, F+ in New England, North West, South West and Tri State, and finally F in Puerto Rico and Hawaii. To achieve Cult we need to get up to D Importance in two regions, so we're close, but we are not ready for it because you lose money quick at Cult.

Our strategy will be to make money in the Mid South while running a weekly show in other territories to build up the popularity/importance there so when the time comes we aren't stuck at Cult too long. Once we build up a comfortable nest egg we will look into further advancement.

We also need to make sure we get working agreements with as many promotions as possible.

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