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Found a good system yesterday for tinkering with component AI balance. I've started running them all 1 at a time to make sure it is evaluating what I think it is. After that, I start combining them in interesting pairs to see what the result is. Then, I'll start slowly adding in other components until the behavior is just right.

Here's a good example to compare with the last video. In this one, I only have the "run upfield" and the "find open field" interest components turned on. (I also keep the avoid collisions eliminators on all the time)

Just by turning those on, all of a sudden we get a more interesting running AI. Towards the end, you can see we need something else. We need to tell runners to run away from defenders, not just try to avoid running into them. It also looks a little weird that the runner takes that angle across the field when he has open field in front of him. There probably needs to be something that tells him to take the most direct route to the endzone.
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