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Not counting CK or ones I’ve lost:

Africa – 2, Songhai, Kongo
Asia – 6, Kamchatka, Mataram, Mysore, Oman, Trebizond, Butuan
N. America – 0
S. America – 1, Huyla
Europe – 8, Naxos, Granada, Oldenburg, Lorraine, Connaught, Pskov, Granada, Athens


Orthodox – 3 (Trebizond, Pskov, Athens)
Catholic/Protestant - 5 (Kongo, Naxos, Oldenburg, Lorraine, Connaught)
Muslim - 4 (Granadax2, Oman, Songhai)
Hindu – 3 (Mataram, Mysore, Butuan)
Inti – 1 (Huyla)
Animist – 1 (Kamchatka)

You can see I've done a number of Muslim, Hindu and Christian nations. I've never tried a Buddhist nation.

Let's do that.

Hello Sukhothai. It's time.
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