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Who is Sukhothai in 1444?

We are the remnants of once mighty nation. We once had most of Thailand, as well as part of the Malay peninsula under our grasp.

You can see us there, with the gray being unclaimed or uncontrolled lands. We were deep in the area. We were a powerful regional power. We invented the Thai language, built many great works, and ran a strong, independent nation.

And then we began to fade. Our history is not unlike others throughout history. We did not push forward. We settled for minor losses. Then in 1319, when the King passed, his sons broke off from the nation as well, and it began to shrink.

Ayutthaya moved into the power vacuum. They attacked us starting in 1349, although we would not become their vassal until 1378 when the war ended. We held out for a while.

And then our idiot rulers seemed to enjoy it. These barbarians were now our masters, and we didn’t push back or seek our freedom. These uncouth people didn’t have any sort of modern administration or even a central capital, they were just a loose confederation of tribes and such. Six years ago, when our ruler passed, the King of Ayutthaya forced us to take his son and successor on as ruler.

And I won’t have it. I am the master behind the nation, the advisor behind the throne. We were Sukhothai. And we seem to have forgotten it.

We will bow to these barbarians NO MORE!

My goals for Sukhothai are the following:

1. Find friends among the region that will support us getting away from Ayutthaya
2. Secure our independence from Ayutthaya. Choose a time when China is too busy to come over and spank us.
3. Become a tributary with Ming China to secure our relationship with them.
4. Look to expand to minor nations to our Northwest.
5. Turn Sukhothai into a regional power again.
6. Take out and replace Ayutthaya. They shall NEVER be heard from again. How dare they delude themselves to thinking they are our betters.
7. Control all of South-East Asia. We have learned our lesson and cannot be satisfied with the previous status quo. We must remove all other rivals from the region.
8. Control the entire Malay peninsula.
9. Create a powerful, economic base that we can use to move against rivals in the Indies, and up to Bengal.
10. Take out Bengal and other locals.
11. Control the entire region up to the borders of China itself.
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