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The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Six – The Opportunities of Freedom

21 Dec – War erupts in the north. I order my army maintenance back up and my forces to my capital. My next target, Lan Ma, is at war with some smaller nations up there.

I don’t know that I will do anything, but they are at war with my ally Pegu, so I want to get ready.

War –

Pegu, Mong Mai, Prome, Hsipaw


Lan Ma, Taungu, Mong Mao, Mong Nai

15 Jan, 1465, I grant Pegu military access.

2 Feb –

Hypothetically, if I were to declare war on Lan Na right now, here is who I’d be at war with:

Mong Nai
Mong Kawai

My corruption is free. I am making more than 2 a month after my maintenance is up. I order some more forces built.

March 1 – I declare war for the capital of Lan Na.

I do not call in any allies yet.

24 March – We arrive at Chiang Mai, the capital of Lan Na, and win battle.

8 April – The small Ayutthaya army of 5k arrives to siege their former capital.

I order some mercs assembled down south to oust them.

18 Apr – The minor province of Nan in Lan Na falls

28 May – Chiang Rai in Lan Na is ours.

11 July – They retake Nan

16 Aug – They retake Chiang Rai

22 Aug – We lose in Ayutthaya

18 Nov – They recapture Ayutthaya

28 Dec – We defeat their army in Khorat.

1 Feb, 1466 –

Admin Tech 6 –

We can build Workshops and Farm Estates

I order a Workshop in our capital. It costs 100 normally, but we get a cheaper cost. And it will increase our production revenue by 0.15 monthly.

7 March – We take Chiang Mai, the capital of Lan Ma,.

30 Mar – We rout the Mong Nai army in Chaing Rai

5 April – Mong Nai accepts peace.

22 April – We get a bonus event and I choose to retry a case and gain 10 karma in doing so.

1 May – Chiang Rai is ours again

7 June – Nan falls. All three Lan Na holdings have fallen.

5 Aug – We retake Ayutthaya,

1 Oct -My main army arrives back and I disband my mercs. I want to save money where I can.

29 Oct – I have a 46% warscore.

I need to isolate Lan Na.

31 Oct - I take only cash from Ayutthaya. This

Now my war score for Lan Na is a full 100.

My first option is to remove Lan Na from the map. You can see the warscore cost as well as who would be annoyed. All are smaller nations or minors or ones that already don’t like me.

I do it. I bring Lan Na into our great nation.

I rival Khmer

Here we are with our war concluded.

I really need to ease off the wars for a while and rebuild as I am skating the line of being a very badboy. You can see some of our new holdings to our north, and now I feel like I am comfortably one of the bigger powers in the area again.
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