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The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Seven – Path of Friendship

I had spent some of my cash from Ayutthaya onto building a ship too, by the by

My three new holdings:

All are Northern Thai, inland, above Sukhothai, Theravada Buddhist, jungle, tropical, have cores working.

Chiang Mai – Castle, temple, former capital of Lan Ma, has 16 dev, the Ivory Trade, 40% autonomy, 0.39 made, and 15.7% revolt risk. I will leave my main army here.

Chiang Rai – Grain farmers, temple, 11 dev, 0.33 made, 13.9 revolt, 40% auto

Nan – 50% auto, 0.08 made here, livestock raised here, 8 dev, 15.1 revolt risk.

Chiang Mai was the only major holding of value, but they were all three next to Sukhothai.

3 Feb, 1467 – A few minors have entered a coalition against us

1 April:

Dip Tech 6 – I can build Docks

I am saving for a Farm Manufactory, which is 450 right now. It will take 5 yeas, and double my production in the province in question. Farm estates only for work grain, wine and livestock holdings.

1 Nov – 9k Rebels in Chiang Mai…

28 Nov – No longer

1 Feb, 1468 – Peace with the locals is achieved

I order a Farm Estate in…


1 Mar – I can get the next Military idea but I hold off as I want to get the next tech instead

1 Oct – My cores for the various holdings in Lan Ma are finished and now they are all incorporated as parts of our nation.

2 Jan, 1469 – Rebellion in Nan

3 Feb – They capture Nan

15 Feb – We defeat them

22 Mar – We retake Nan

1 May –

MIL Tech 5 – I get better foot soldiers. I convert my army over to offensive foot soldiers.

Now that I am getting around 4 cash monthly, I want to invest it. My forcelimit is 17,000 troops, but I’ll hold off.

I hire a Grand Captain advisor. He’s level 1, and cost me 10 cash and 0.8 monthly. He’ll cut my military maintenance cost by 10%.

I also hire a level 1 Philosopher with the same costs, who increases my prestige.

My Monarch development right now is:

11 Admin, 9 Dip, 9 Mil power each month. That means I should be able to get the needed 400 MIL power for an Idea each 45 months, or fewer than four years. Right now I have two Ideas done, so if I only focused on it, I should have this finished by 1490.

1 Dec – Khmer announces us as a rival.

2 Jan, 1470 – I order a Marketplace in Chain Mai

7 Mar – I claim Khmer’s capital of Oudong.

6 May – I get an event and choose unpopular medical procedures that are good for science. We get 10 years of discontent, but quicker embracing of institutions such as the Renaissance.

19 Nov – I get a Growth of the Admin estate, and I chose to embrace the religious Buddhist orders. We get bonus autonomy reduction.

7 Feb, 1471 – I send cash to an estate in need and gain Karma as part of an event. It raised to -34.

1 May – Bengal announced us as a rival

1 April – I claim Angkor from Khmer.

1 July – Temple ordered for Nakthon Thung Yai. I’m just going to refer to it as Nakthan moving forward.

2 May, 1472 –

Quality Idea #3 –

We work together to recruit and train the finest of horses. Our cavalry increases by 10%.

This also unlocks the first Sukhothai idea as well:

Birthplace of a Culture - +1 annual prestige

11 June – We kickout an agent of Ayutthaya we discover

31 July Lan Xang has declared war on Khmer. We join them.We gain 25 karma for doing so

War lines:

Lan Xang, Us, Ava


Khmer, Pegu, Champa

Unfortunately, Pegu and Khmer were allied and we are now at war with Pegu, which I was hoping to woo diplomatically..

19 August – My main army defeats the Pegu one

22 Sept- We rout the Pegu army

22 Oct – A monsoon sweeps into the region and we spend 25 ducats helping. We gain 10 karma

5 June, 1473 – I can enact a new government reform. We choose to enact the Decentralized Bureaucracy, and we can get two more promoted cultures

1 July - Our ruler gains the Industrious trait

22 Sept- After a siege of almost two years, we take Pegu’s capital.

1 Oct – Lan Xang takes money from Pegu in peace. I order my army to Khmer.

4 Oct – We announce our alliance is back on.

15 Nov –

Admin 7 –

We get another Idea Group

I have enough DIP to get two Ideas from them right now.

I could get the first two ideas in Trade, Exploration, Maritime, Dip, all strong options.

I’ll come back post war, but I suspect I’ll do Trade or Exploration.

19 Dec – Sukhothai gets a national epic event

26 Jan, 1474 – We arrive in the Khmer capital and begin a siege

16 July – Lan Xang has captured all holdings save for their capital – we have a 73% warscore

1 Sept –

Quality Idea #4 –

Corvettes I get +5% ship durability

1 Nov – Mong Pai annexed Hsenwi.

1 Dec – Our truce with Ayutthaya ends

20 April, 1475 – We capture the capital of Khmer.Lan Xang now has a warscore of 99%

1 May – If I wanted to, I could take their capital. I have a claim on it.

Let’s make it happen.

As you can see, only Ayutthaya, Ming Moo and Dia Viet care. It’s one of their better holdings, and we’ll get some cash to match to.

Oudong – Former capital of Khmer, in Cambodia, next to us in Battambang and Nakthon. Coastal, hills, Incense, 13 dev, Khmer culture, Hindu religion, Temple here, core ordered, tropical, hills, 21% unrest, 40% autonomy, and 0.11 made here. I’ll leave my army here.

29 May – Lan Xang took three provinces from Khmer and three from Champa.
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