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40 Year Review!

Here we are 40 years into the dynasty. As you can see, we are a lovely shade of toothpaste. You can also see the growing Lan Zang, who is warring against Dai Viet and I suspect will move there too.

We now have Ayutthaya under us, and only the upper Malay peninsula is theirs. You can see that Pasai has taken over much of their island, Majaphit took over theirs, and Malacca has gone north and taken the two holdings there, and crossed the island as well. Brunei has captured Borneo.

You can see our one ally left, Pegu, is to our east and on the coast, and you can see folks from Bengal to Ming China and more here.

Now, all three of my initial allies are no longer such. Khmer broke off first, then Lan Xang and Malacca. Right now I am trying to make nice with Ayutthaya and build a spy network in Lan Xang as well. I need to push back against. To our immediate north is the four province, poor, Mong Pai, with grain and tropical wood and such.

Here let me show you a different map:

Here I have zoomed in and you are seeing trade goods. Notice where the weaker goods are? To our north aren’t a lot of good goods, and neither down the Peninsula, until you hit the random Chinaware province. No one wants Fish, grain, tropical wood or livestock much if you don’t have to.


We have the 8th best income of nations we know about.

At 18 techs, we are in the middle of the pack. Many have 20 and more have 19.

At 9 ideas we have four more than the next nation – Malwa

We have the 6th best development

We are ranked 19th in the world.

Of the holdings we know, Sukhothai is the 4th best.

We have 16 provinces

Our general who is our heir is the best general we know about in Asia.

Our fresh new 23k army is the 5th largest we know of (right now)

We are 75% Theravada and a quarter Hindu

We are;

38.3% Khmer
45.6% Central Thai
15.9% Northern Thai

The Current Value of Goods:

5.0 - Gems
4.5 - Copper
4.37 - Paper
4.0 – Dyes, Silk, Cocoa, Ivory
3.0 – Glass, Tobacco, Sugar, Spices, Cotton, Chinaware, Coffee, Iron, Salt, Cloth
2.5 – Incense, Wool, Fish, Wine, Grain
2.0 – Tea, Slaves, Tropical Wood, Naval Supplies, Livestock,Fur

Gold is not traded

As you can see, our Silk, Gems, and Ivory holdings have pushed, and the medium 3.0 stuff like Chinaware in my capital helps too.

These prices will move as events occur that reflect reality. For example, right now, Copper is worth more than normal, as is Paper and Gems.

We’re actually the world’s leading producer of Ivory at 14.6%.

Great Powers:

1. Ming
2. Ottomans
3. Castille
4. France
5. Burgundy
6. Poland
7. Mamluks
8. Austria

And there we are!

Now let’s check in on my goals:

1. Find friends among the region that will support us getting away from Ayutthaya. DONE
2. Secure our independence from Ayutthaya. Choose a time when China is too busy to come over and spank us. DONE
3. Become a tributary with Ming China to secure our relationship with them. DONE
4. Look to expand to minor nations to our Northwest. BEGINNING
5. Turn Sukhothai into a regional power again. DONE
6. Take out and replace Ayutthaya. They shall NEVER be heard from again. How dare they delude themselves to thinking they are our betters. SORT OF
7. Control all of South-East Asia. We have learned our lesson and cannot be satisfied with the previous status quo. We must remove all other rivals from the region. NOT YET
8. Control the entire Malay peninsula. NOT YET
9. Create a powerful, economic base that we can use to move against rivals in the Indies, and up to Bengal. NOT YET
10. Take out Bengal and other locals. NOT YET
11. Control the entire region up to the borders of China itself. NOT YET

As you can see, we got our independence, have a positive relationship with Ming China, and I would consider us a regional power now. But that’s it, after 40 years.

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