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Did Someone Say Pitching? (OOTP 20 Interactive)

Inspired by the ATL and the lack of pitching...

25 teams from baseball history will be used as the "feeder" teams. Players from those teams will be drafted by the team owners (whomever chooses to join).

The number of players will determine how long the season will be. Looking at most likely 12 games versus each team in the league. Using the ATL as the example, with 10 teams there would be 108 games in the season. The season will not exceed 162 games (number of games against each team will adjust based upon number of signups).

For the feeder teams, I'll randomly choose a team from the earliest era and whichever year that club has the lowest team ERA will be the year that team will be from. Only one team per franchise will be selected.

Teams will be imported with default settings. The year will be 1980.
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