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The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Twenty-Seven – Cycle of War

I send these colonists to Swellendam east of Cape.

I pull back colonists in Cape and send them to Graaff-Reinet, east of Swellendam.

I want to grab everything in Southern Africa to remove any possible interest from Europe here. There are ships of Spain and Portugal passing often here.

Here’s Africa right now. Portugal is deep in the east, but not lower.

1 Feb, 1577 – Rebellion in Pajang. Damn Hindus. Accept Buddha!

22 Feb – Put down.

15 Mar 0 We kill the natives in Swellendam

17 April – Now we kill those in Graaff-Reinet

I set up a New World Charter for ten years with our merchant guilds, which will increase our colonial development.

22 May – Flu outbreak in Deli, I quarantine it

2 July – It spreads to Rokan, I quarantine it as well.

17 Oct – I am ready to declare war on Brunei. I have 30k troops on the island of Borneo, and 12k on Sulawesi and a combined navy of 45 ships off their capital. They have a fleet in the same space

I declare war for Makassar on Sulawesi. We are now at war with them, their ally Sulu refused to join.

I order my troops up

20 Oct - We defeat their navy and captured a ship

17 Nov – We convert Pajang. Next? Kawali

22 Nov – Two minor holdings on Borneo fall to us

27 Dec – We take Potopo on Sulawesi and another minor, Kutai, on Borneo

1 Jan, 1578 – I fabricate claims on Ternate and Tidore, both one holdings islands.

11 Jan – Another minor falls, and now we move to the capital of Brunei

1 Feb – Lombok – 6 dev, Coffee, grasslands, straight to Bali and Sumbawa, 0.23 made here and I order a Plantation.

17 Feb – We capture Makassar

28 Feb – After assaulting it, we take the capital of Brunei

14 Mar – We defeat the fleeing navy.

22 Mar – We arrive at the fort of Jesselton

15 April – We defeat the Brunei army

Our warscore is currently 81

1 June – We gain the trading in Ivory bonus

14 Aug – The fort of Jesselton is ours and we have a have a 99% warscore

I can take the holdings in green – both on Sulawsei, and then all provinces on the northern part of Borneo and the island of Palawan off them.

– Animist, Spices, coastal center of trade, 22 dev, grasslands, Sulawesi culture, Shipyward and dock as well as the three econ holdigns here, sends us 0.21

– To their north are these Spice hills with Animist/Sulawesi’s here too, 9 dev, with Temple and Workshop and 0.07 coming to our coffers.

– Gems, Jungle, coastal, Sunni, Borneo culture, 13 dev, 0.11 made for us, and there is a temple and a workshop too. This is the first province next to the unclaimed holding, in the west, and I’ll move up the coast.

Sibu – Spices, Jungle, coastal, Sunni/Borneo, 15 dev, 0.13 made here, also with a workshop and temple.

Brunei – 27 dev, natural harbor, Spices, Jungle, Sunni/Borneu, with econ holdings, sends us 0.23.

Jesselton – Fort at the top of the island and next to Brunei. 11 dev, Jungle, fort and temple, 0.09 made here for us. Sunni and Borneo culture as well.

Palawan – Sugar, 8 dev, coastline, Sunni/Filipino culture, temple and workshop built here, 0.07 made here as wlel

We left them 6 holdings that include two Spices, three Fish, and one Tropical Wood
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