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The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Twenty-Eight – Limits of Gold

1 Dec – I order a Plantation for Blambangan and Ceram and Naval Equipment Manufactory in Kelantan

1 Feb, 1579 – Another successful Missionary! Our next is heading out to Kalapa

1 March – Our administrative advisor passes. We recruit another high quality Inquisitor from our monasteries1

7 June – Our advisor has a great work and increases our ADM power by 50. That puts me over the 350 needed for our next Idea:

Expansion #2 – We get another merchant

1 July – Rebellion in Brunei

22 July – No longer

1 Sept – Rebellion in Makassar

19 Sept – No longer either

11 Mar, 1480 – We convert Malapa and next is Karta

1 May - Rebellion in Hsiwei

1 June – Livestock in Graaff-Reinet

3 June – Rebels put down

22 June – I claim my first Brunei holing from Borneo

1 July – Cape – 15 dev, Grasslands, Fish, I order a Naval Equipment Manufactory, natural harbor, 1.15 made here for us

I pull colonists from Graaff-Reinet and send them to Lesser Namaqualand, up the coast from Cape.

8 Oct – I kill the locals in Lesser Namaqualand

1 Mar, 1581 – Swellendam is with Gems!

18 Mar – Karta converts. Next? Banten

1 Apr – We claim Buton

Our golden age ends

1 June – Makassar and Palopo are now cores

20 July – I accept another offer of knowledge sharing from our pals Yemen.

I hand a seat in Parliament to Makassar

1 Aug – Our Emperor has gained the Kind Hearted trait

Now that I am using Cape as a place to explore from, we are going deep into the Americas and such

1 Dec – I claim another holding from Brunei

13 Feb, 1582 – We convert Banten and my next target is Cirebon – I want to finish off Java first.

1 Nov – I can get a Dip tech but I want to wait until I embrace Colonialism first, so I can invest fewer

1 Dec - I fabricate a claim on an Ava holding

2 Jan, 1583 – Cirebon converts – next? Pakuan

1 Oct – We claim another Brunei holdings

1 Dec -Our truce with Ava is up

15 Dec – Pakuan converts – next is Makassar

1 March, 1584 – The same is true for MIL tech, but, again, I’m waiting until my embracing of the next institution
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