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11 Nov – 160 year Review

Here’s a map of the area to show our current borders. I can take out Pasai any time, but I suspect I’ll hit Ava next and remove them from our northern borders. Their last three holdings seemed pretty good.

Here’s what we know right now of the Atlantic. We are exploring the Caribbean right now. You can see our colony at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa as well

We are making around 30 cash fewer than Ming/monthly; however we have better development

At 39 our tech development is still behind folks like China a 48 and African nations that are better by 3 or 4 techs, like Morocco and Mamluks, as well as Yemen.

At 23, we have the 2nd most ideas after Mamluks at 26.

Our Top Ten Provinces by Tax Revenue

1. Pasai
2. Sukhothai
3. Malacca
4. Savanh Nakthone
5. Ayutthaya
6. Chiang Mai
7. Siak
8. Nakhon Thung Yai
9. Ava
10. Puereuluk

Our Top Ten Provinces by Production

1. Pagarruyung (Gold)
2. Savanh Nakhon (Copper)
3. Khorat (Silk)
4. Perak (Copper)
5. Ayutthaya (Ivory)
6. Nong Khai (Silk)
7. Nakthon Thung Yai (Gems)
8. Bangka (Copper)
9. Sukhothai (Chinaware)
10. Malacca (Spices)

Top Provinces We Know Of With a 30+ Dev

1. Qahirah
2. Sukhothai
3. Nanking
4. Beijing
5. Naples
6. Kyoto
7. Hancheng
8. Vijayanagar
9. Azerbaycan
10. Tirhut
11. Malacca
12. Tlemcen
13. Pasai
14. Konaseema

We have 113 holdings

We have three colonies in Africa – Lesser Namaqualand, Swellendam, and Graaff-Reinet

At 111,000 our army is the 2nd largest we know of after China at 217,000

The next are Spain, Muscovy, and Bahamis

At 85 ships, our navy is the 3rd largest we know after Ming China at 98 and Spain and 87


Theravada Buddhist – 92.9%
Sunni – 4.4%
Animist – 1.7%
Hindu – 1.0%


Central Thai – 16.5%
Northern Thai – 11.7%
Burmese – 8.9%
Khmer – 15.9%
Malay – 10.8%
Sumatran – 12.4%
Javanese – 10.0%
Borneo – 4.5%
Shan – 5.2%
Everything else (Laotian, Sulawesi, Filipino, etc) – 1% or fewer

Top Ten Trade Nodes We Know of by Value:

1. Beijing
2. Hangzhou
3. Bengal
4. Gujurat
5. Doab
6. Siam
7. Alexandria
8. Deccan
9. Persia
10. Nippon

Current Price of Trade Goods –

5.25 – Paper
5.0 – Gems
4.50 – Copper
4.0 – Silk, Ivory, Dyes, Cocoa
3.60 – Cloth
3.50 – Fur
3.0 – Glass, Tobacco, Slaves, Cotton, Spices, Chinaware, Coffee, Sugar, Iron, Salt
2.50 – Tea, Livestock, Wine
2.25 – Fish
2.12 – Incense
2.0 – Tropical Wood, Grain, Naval Supplies, Wool

While there are no bonuses for it, we are the production leader in: Ivory, Spices, Copper, Fish, Sugar, Cotton, Tropical Wood, Incense.

We are the trade leaders for Tropical Wood, Spices, Incense, Chinaware, Tea, Ivory, Copper

Great Powers –

1. Spain
2. Ottomans
3. Sukhothai
4. Commonwealth
5. Ming China
6. France
7. Burgundy
8. Great Britain

We moved up to 3. China fell

Now let’s check in on my goals:

1. Find friends among the region that will support us getting away from Ayutthaya. DONE
2. Secure our independence from Ayutthaya. Choose a time when China is too busy to come over and spank us. DONE
3. Become a tributary with Ming China to secure our relationship with them. DONE
4. Look to expand to minor nations to our Northwest. ONGOING
5. Turn Sukhothai into a regional power again. DONE
6. Take out and replace Ayutthaya. They shall NEVER be heard from again. How dare they delude themselves to thinking they are our betters. DONE
7. Control all of South-East Asia. We have learned our lesson and cannot be satisfied with the previous status quo. We must remove all other rivals from the region. ONGOING
8. Control the entire Malay peninsula. DONE
9. Create a powerful, economic base that we can use to move against rivals in the Indies, and up to Bengal. DONE
10. Take out Bengal and other locals. NOT YET
11. Control the entire region up to the borders of China itself. NOT YET
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