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What I meant is that I consider myself fairly Libertarian but also kind of saw what they were getting at with some of the questions. Somehow I still matched Sanders on like 30%, just either find that people are saying what they think the site wants them to say or the site is pretty extremely slanted against Trump if people are only matching less than 5%. On a cell phone and it's too hard to research but would be interested if people were 3-5% on Bush or McCain when the board did this years ago because besides being an asshole and the whole wall.thing Trump seems to just have typical Republican views so they should be the same for them unless like I said the site switched methodology or people are intentionally answering every question just to not match Trump.

As I've gotten older my views have become far more liberal so I know my views have shifted further away from the republican party. There's just not much of anything left in the GOP that I feel represents me. I was in the military during the Bush administration so I very likely was a bit more to the right at that point in my life.

I'd argue that the focus on immigration, the border wall, healthcare for all weren't really talking points during the Bush administration or when McCain ran though. I also think the traits you look for in a President question pushes my views further away from Trump. My views align closer to Warren and Sanders, but I think my traits selections likley pushed Buttigieg above those two.
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