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Top Ten Rankings Update

1. Girish Girsh(SRI, 29) -- 11,920

Girsh is now at 93 weeks spent at #1, which gets him on the list at 10th all-time. He'll have to marshall his best play to have a chance of staying there much longer though, as it seems likely he'll be deposed during the summer US hardcourt swing.

2. Prakash Mooljee(SRI, 24) -- 10,295

After the blazing start to the year, Mooljee's been merely human starting with the RG final. He still should improve greatly on last year's performance at summer and fall events though -- if he plays reasonably well, nothing can stop him taking the final step and seizing the top ranking.

3. Antonin Iglar(CZE, 31) -- 8,730

The slow slide continues, but he's still very much better than most of the wanna-bes.

4. Gustavo Caratti(ARG, 28) -- 6,290

5. Anil Mehul(SRI, 32) -- 6,240

It's an interesting dance here with Caratti and Mehul, who keep trading that #4 spot back and forth. Given the amount of points the Argentine left behind during the clay season, that may keep happening for a while.

6. Tomas Niklas(CZE, 24) -- 5,890

The once-unthinkable appears to be a possibility on the horizon now; Iglar might be deposed as the top Czech player in the world. Niklas' emergence this year makes them a serious threat in the WTC as well ...

7. Mugur Kinczllers(ITA, 29) -- 5,000

Wimbledon was truly his best, and probably last, chance. He didn't miss it by much. Kinczllers might well have won it if he hadn't been spending so much time on doubles so soon ...

8. Shreya Ujjaval(SRI, 25) -- 3,945

He screwed a lot of things up this year, but the run to the Wimbledon final basically made up for all of them. Four Sri Lanka players in the top eight. That's really something.

9. Theodore Bourdet(FRA, 27) -- 3,890

10. Davide Poilblan(FRA, 28) -- 3,470

With the rise of younger players, one wonders how long the French duo can hang on here. There's nobody poised to break through right now -- Gaskell and Agustin Herrera, veterans, are the only ones close -- but that could change at any time.
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