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Another three-week break, and everyone got the first two off. The last week there were a couple of players active. Anil Mehul headed to the Washington 500 to get some matches in, but was knocked off by Jake Jolland in the quarterfinals, 6-3, 6-3. Not what I had in mind, though it was home crowd and all that. Mehul adds nothing to his point total here, remaining 5th.

Meanwhile, Ritwik Dudwadkar had only tier-2s or worse to choose from for a few weeks. Off to the Sarajevo JG2 he went, blasting through the field in both singles and doubles easily. Added a bit to his ranking though not much, up a spot from 19th back to 18th. That should get him through until the junior USO.

Coming Up ...

The year's biggest stretch with Canada-Cincinatti-USO-WTC QF. Mooljee aims to return to his early-season form, while Girsh wants to hold him off as long as possible. Also, will the surge of other young guns such as Niklas and Ujjaval continue? Soon we will find out.
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