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Sri Lanka Rankings Update

Prakash Mooljee -- 2nd to 1st singles. 60-5 on the year, and now it's legacy time for Mooljee. The goal at this point is to strengthen his lead, esp. since it's unlikely he'll be quite as dominant in the first half next year as he was this year. Along with that is just racking up whatever he can in terms of major titles. I expect him to have a stay measured in years, and outdo the achievements of Mehul and Girsh when all is said and done.

Girish Girsh -- 1st to 2nd singles. Girsh still has work to do if he wants to keep a decent margin on the rest of the field. His best time of the year is upcoming in the indoor season as well. Last year he won Shanghai, Paris, and the Tour Finals. The last two are still very doable for him.

Anil Mehul -- 5th to 4th singles, 1047th to 1234th doubles. Mehul's been doing too well to play doubles at all really, which is a good thing. He's still winning 80% of the time, which is pretty much the line at which a player is still elite and clearly a top 4-5 guy. It was nice for him to add another Masters, showing he can still bring it at the highest level once in a while.

Shreya Ujjaval -- 8th to 7th singles, 216th to 212th doubles. Ujjaval has backed off on some of the doubles but is still playing too often there. He's had a fine surge though after some rough going earlier in the year. This is his time to excel, as he's almost as his peak.

Shyam Senepathy -- 67th to 59th singles. Senepathy still doesn't know the meaning of the words 'week off', but he's been consistently in challenger finals or winning them outright the last couple of months. As a result, he's sitting at his career high ranking.

Ritwik Dudwadkar -- 19th to 23rd juniors. Dudwadkar strangely got a doubles invite just today from Guus Dircx, the dominant #1 in juniors. I don't know how often he'll be able to take advantage of it, but it's a fine opportunity. Otherwhise, he's not done as well as his predecessors in singles, and I'm a bit concerned here. Not much, as I think he'll still have a strong career, but he's definitely underachieved this season.

Manager Ranking -- 1st, 48.5k to 50.3k points. That's a nice plateau to break through.
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