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Originally Posted by EagleFan View Post

Medical - This will be used when trying to heal players, the better the skill of the lead doctor the better the overall success of healing or treating, as well as the combined average of anyone working in that facility

Engineering - The greater the value, the more effective the designs for the various projects

Physical - The greater the number the player will be able to perform physical tasks better

Scientific - The greater the number of the lead scientist, the greater the discoveries, the average of those working in the scientific research facility will be used as well

Social - The greater the number, the higher the likelihood of "influencing" certain votes

I don't agree. For instance the Medical skill clearly has an effect based on the Medical leader, and the same with science. It is not clear on Engineering because we don't know how plans are drawn up. Sheriff is not strictly related to a particular skill. And there is nothing under Social that hints that leaders will need it--we will have to find out what the votes are, but I wonder if it's actually worse to have a leader with high Social influencing our direction with their vote.
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