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I read the commoner to be just somebody who was more powerful than me but yeah, I assumed bad guy because of that. As for the last question, yeah, I figure the odds of a good guy stripping another good guys skills were very low (unless there is another win condition at play).

I guess the thing to remember is that commoner is the name we have for villager in this game. So if the dude knew you were a commoner, then they must not be one (since the Ancients are the one who knows everyone's identity). Also, I wasn't sure if whoever took them could use my powers or not. Even if they could, I'm not sure they would be useful. I could see a mechanic where a commoner could block the powers of another, giving them a chance to prevent someone they think is a wolf from using those powers -- but the way they called me commoner makes me think that wasn't the case here.
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