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Originally Posted by The Jackal View Post
A rather large image appears above you, just as when you witnessed RendeR's tussle with the dragon.

It seems to be an empty chamber. Someone comes into view, path12.

He stands patient, bracing himself for an onslaught.

Charging into view comes a frightening blur of muscle and fur, wielding an axe nearly the size of path12.

The Minotaur launches itself towards path. Path pulls a spear out from behind him and thrusts it into the Minotaur, who howls in agony. Falling backwards it unleashes a heavy swing with his axe and catches path - decapitating him.

They both fall to the ground.

Telle was the Minotaur!

path12 was Theseus!

BOOYAH!!!! Perfect other than the being dead part. Go good guys!
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