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Third League: Chattanooga FC (0-0-0) at Des Moines Menace (0-0-0)

This one seems hopeless for a bit. They play 6 defenders and have a terrific keeper. Atkins first two chances are low% shots that are easily thwarted. Chattanooga uses a special skill to maneuver around our defense. Granger is able to make one amazing save, but the other gets by him. They commit a foul late in the game and on the ensuin free kick, Lance gets the ball to Atkins in great position and he scores a goal on the last turn of the game.

Final Score: Des Moines 1, Chattanooga 1
Goal: Atkins
Top Three: Lance, Atkins, Jennings

Edmonds - level 19.
Venegas - level 17.
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