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IPOW: International Pro Olympic Wrestling- A TEW 2016 Dynasty

So I decided it was time to create a promotion and do another dynasty report. As bad as I am at booking storyline and entertainment based promotions. I've always been intrigued by tournaments and things of that nature. I ran some ideas through my head, and in giving props to alpha2117 and BHK1978, from the GreyDog Forums, I've come up with something that I'm almost 100% sure has never been done (at least if it has, I've never seen it.) I'm converting pro wrestling into an Olympic sport. How, you ask? Well, here's the setup.

For now, the promotion will be called International Pro Olympic Wrestling, or IPOW for short. That may change depending on feedback. I will have a number of G1 style tournaments, in which each match will score points within both the tournament, and for the nation that wins.

This will be done seasonally, 1 set of tournaments per calendar year (still trying to figure out if I want to be a touring fed or what, I'm leaning that way).

This is where Olympic Style comes in: for each match, the winner gets 3 points, the loser gets 0, and if there is a time limit draw, 1 point. No DQs or countouts allowed, all wins by pin or submission. At least for the 1st season, that could change later on. This points will be tallied by country, and after all the tournaments, we'll give medals (gold, silver, bronze). The last place competitor in each tournament will be dropped for the next seasons tournaments and replaced with someone else in that game area. For example, if say Johnny Impact finishes last in his block, he'll be dropped from the promotion and replaced. Still confused? If I can clear up anything, let me know.

How will the matches be determined you ask? Well, for every card, 2 matches will be decided by reader vote. I'll tell which 2 matches, and after a set time (usually 24 hours) the voting will end. The rest of the matches will be strictly random, using a dice roller, so who knows what'll happen. For the reader vote matches, I'm hoping to get a minimum of 5 votes per match.

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