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IPOW Unleashed
Wednesday, Week 1, October 2018
Al McGuire Center- Milwaukee, WI
Show Attendance: 3,363

Preshow Matches

Makoto defeated Stacy Shadows (*)
Angel Williams vs. Mia Svensson (*)

(*)- Both Shadows and Svensson were hired to one night only deals to put over Makoto and Williams.

Main Show

Breaking News

Backstage before the show, Will Osprey and PJ Black got into an altercation. Osprey proceeded to beat the crap out of Black before it could get broken up. Because of this, Osprey has been given an official warning and has been docked 1 point. Because of this, Osprey and Nick Aldis will start with -1 points in the Tag Team block, but his nation will NOT be penalized. Osprey has been put on notice that if it happens again, he will be replaced in his block and fired from the company.

Men's Singles Block A Matches

Fenix vs. Shiima Xion

Xion put up a good effort, but he was no match for Fenix, who got the win to earn 3 points for not only himself, but the country of Mexico.

Winner: Fenix (3 points, Mexico- 3 points)

Sanada vs. Dameon Duke

An excellent match in which neither man could get an advantage. This was evident by the fact that the 15 minute time limit expired, giving each participant and country 1 point.

Time Limit Draw: Sanada and Japan- 1 point, Duke and South Africa- 1 point

Rocky Romero vs. Kenny Omega

No surprise here, as Omega completely outclassed Romero to give himself and Canada 3 points.

Winner: Kenny Omega (3 points, Canada- 3 points)

Marty Scrull vs. James Storm

A bit of a surprise in this one, as Storm used his veteran knowledge to steal a victory giving himself and the United States 3 points.

Winner: James Storm (3 points), United States- 3 points
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