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Okay, on to some notes made during the draft. Some of them seem a little silly now, seeing how the players turned out, but at the time they seemed kinda big.

Here's how my draft went, by the way:

1-3 LT Bryan Clemons
1-16 QB Kim McGregor
1-17 CB Bo Granados
1-21 RB Bryan McMillian
2-2 WR Jerry Reeves
2-3 DT Horace Hernandez
2-21 G Preston Blake
3-1 C Orlando Patchet
3-3 FS Lee Kinney
3-27 ILB Haslett
4-2 CB Ray Connell
4-12 DT Kenneth Brown
5-1 TE Perry Kop
5-3 ILB Tommy Anhalt
6-2 WR Butch Slusarczyk
6-18 G Vincent Norris
6-29 DE Willie Malcomson

I thought about RB at 1-17 but couldn't pass on the CB there. In hindsight, it was a great decision. At 1-21, all the RBs were still available, I couldn't believe McMillian was there, I didn't even interview him because I expected him to go early.

QB McGregor felt like a huge reach at 1-16, but QBs just kept flying off the board, and I thought I needed one before my second round picks.

G Norris looked like an absolute steal in the 6th round, didn't interview him though.

Totally missed C Patchet in the interview process, and jumped on him when I saw him still there at 3-1. Turned out to be a solid pick there.

I waited and waited on DE Malcomson. I took him with my last pick because I wasn't sure he'd be around through the 7th.

My tradeup was due to nerves. I was watching DT Brown for a while, and got real nervous and traded up a few to get him. I felt I could toss the 7th out, since guys I ususally take there are still around after the draft anyway.

I missed on a couple of guys I wanted because I waited too long. There were SS, DE and OLB specifically that I wiffed on.
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