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Post draft, there wasn't much around. I found a nice DT, Brody, that was a good pass rusher, and converted him to DE. He's turned out to be a pretty studly pass rusher for me, once I got his weight right.

After late FA, I had 85 players on my roster, waaaaaaaay more than I normally take. I hated my punter and kicker options, and was REAL weak at linebacker and WR.

I converted ILB Haslett to SLB. It was between him and Anhalt, but I like Haslett's blitzing bars better. He converted fairly painlessly, just loosing a little experience. Post camp was OK, I had some creepers and a little loss, but nothing too major.

My pet for this thing has turned out to be CB Claude Childers. His bars were awful, but his combine numbers were nice and he had a high volatility. He has creeped some both current and future at about every stage possible, but he's still pretty crappy. He's the secondary leader, and has some good afinities with guys back there too.

Initially, I was going to make it a rule that I couldn't cut anyone from the roster that either didn't lose any future after camp, or creeped some future. Thats about 10 guys, including my first pick, the OT. In the end though, I had to cut a couple of these real low end guys, but I stuck with CB Childers.
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