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What I need to compete against the heavies in the Ligue are 11 of my GKs Moreira. He is he best player on my team and isn’t even close to anyone save …. Nielsen. If I had that then I could have a shot. DC Nielsen has gotten to the place he’s now a 4.5 star rating and getting better. I need Nielsens and Moreiras. Gomes and Holding are good rocks as well. Besnard is good as well. But anyone else is subject to replacement as I need to improve my talent to a Moreira/Nielsen level of quality.

Are there any players looking for a new home in six months time that are one or the other?

Not at that level. I scout some others

I take a look elsewhere. I purchased Nielsen for 3.5 mill from Brondby. Can I find another for the Winter window? I send out scouts.

I offer Kamenik for loan. He needs more first team starts and he has been outplayed by the locals here and was my worst playing addition. I overpromoted him.

What about Kotora?

Nope. Bruno is it and he’s worth way too much.

I have won the Slovakian Head Coach of the Year!

I accept an offer for a fullback on our B Squad.

I am losing Natcho, Cristian and Sankhare among other backups I loaned out.

I find a DC from Portugal who blows away Isimit-Mirin and make an offer rafter his contract expires. I make an offer Joao Luis for 3 years and 25k/week

I make an offer to a 16 year old Belgium potential but raw wonderkid DC Tobe Peeters from Lierse.

I make an enquiry for 20 year old Tomas Machacek over at Nottingham Forest who may be a bit of a grower as well as a decent shower.

A player on our reserves who plays for Reunion won African Young Footballer of the Year! His name is Nicholas Niobe. I send him congrats!

I have my board inject more cash into our transfer kitty and I make a 7.5 mill offer for Machacek.

We agree to a 1.8 mill deal for Tobe Peeters.
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