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2nd – Cup vs Stade Montois
12th – Home vs Guingamp, Qf Coupe de la Ligue
15th – Away vs Angers
19th – Home vs AS Monaco
22nd – Home vs Montpelier
29th – Away vs AS Saint-Etienne

Good training – Guillet, Dupuy, Nielsen

The transfer window opens

Neymar won Ligue Player of the Year

I make a 5 year first team offer for Machacek.

Who is free that I may wanna bring in?


French Cup 9th round, Away vs Stade Montois – I begin countering.


Gomes feeds Besnard for goal in the 20th
Besnard crosses to Slimani for goal in the 66th

We win 2-0. MOM is Besnard.

I swap Solanke for Slimani and give him a deep forward role. Let’s see if Solanke and Besnard will play well together for a few starts.
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