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We scored 48 goals which was 8th most, and allowed 27 which was 3rd best. AS Monaco led with 24 goals allowed.

MOM – Besnard was 4th with 9 MOM. Solanke was next on our team with 4.

Distance Covered – Gomes was 2nd, Mehmedi was 11th

Average Rating – Besnard was 14th with 7.18

Headers Won – Holding was 6th with 238

Goals – Besnard was 13th with 11 and he tied Solanke.

Avg Minutes Per Goal – Besnard was 9th

Shots – Besnard was 7th

Shots on Target – Besnard was 6th, Solanke was 8th

On Target % - Solanke was 7th

Pass Completion -Otavio was 5th

Cross Completion Ratio – Slimani was 4th, Gomes was 5th

Dribbles/Game – Besnard was 7th

Tackles/Game – Otavio was 14th

Mistakes – Mehmedi, 2nd, with 83

Key Headers – Isimit-Mirin 3rd with 69; Holding 12th

Picks – Holding 9th

Headers Won % - Holding 2nd, Nielsen 4th

Shots blocked – Holding 1st!

Goals Allowed – Moreira was 2nd with 27

Shutouts – Moreira was 3rd with 19

Saves held – Moreira was 2nd with 79

Saves Parried – Moreira was 1st with 45
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