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Roster for next year

GK Moreira – 4 on a scale of 3. Cannot be more locked in than this guy! He was great across the board! He had more saves than Courtois in either category. By most metrics, only Courtois out played him.

DC Holding - 2. He played well and I am going to make him my captain but he’s also the weakest of my starters next year. But I like where his stats are at and I am happy to run him out there next year. He’s my Milanovic- the worst by look and the best by play.

DC Nielsen – 3. Wonderkid locked in. He can be inconsistent at times, and thus only a 3.

DC Itimit-Mirin 0 – Already replaced

DMC Otavio – 1 – Looking for replacement actively but won’t force it

MC Lerager – 0 – Same as Itimit-Mirin I have already replaced him. I put him on rotation as well as the DC.

ML Mehmedi – 1- Played out of position and cannot run Winger like I want. Too many mistakes.

MR Jankovic – 0 – Played out of position and never attacked the flank but played more like an inside winger, which I don’t want. Actively looking for replacement.

AMC Andre Gomes – 2. Locked in for now.

ST Solanke – 2 – Didn’t play as well as I wanted to with Slimani but had a solid relationship with my wonderkid ST. If I could find a stud target man like Djuric that can feed Besnard then I’d be happy but it’s not a priority.

ST Besnard – 4. Out of 3.

I offer a first team contract to Besnard for twice as much money and another year. He’s grown into my best player.

As you can see…

Compare that to last year when I signed him!

I need more of Besnard and Moreira please!
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