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Otavio has gained French citizenship! Lerager too!

I get a big big big offer for Moreira. 25 mill from Tottenham. Nope!

Here’s a 10.5 mill offer for Holding

I look to see if any others are coming free that may wanna swing my way?

Not yet

What about transfer listed?

Huh I may have found another French wonderkid this one playing the AMC spot. 19 years old and plays for Brest. I make an offer.

We agree to 4.5 mill.

We are past the June 10th window for internal moves so he’ll arrive now

I am considering an 8 mill offer from OL for Axel Tuanzebe as he’ll be my 5th DC. I accept I can find another DC his level. I can use the money for transferring.

Here he is! Donovan Marchi! Expect me to run him as a rotation option for MC and AMC at first, and then give him Andre Gomes’s starts near the end of the year or next year.
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