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I need a new backup GK and I make an enquiry to a Brazilian project. I make an offer. Watford are too high and I reject it.

I make an enquiry for a nice young French DC I can grow as my new 5th player but I am rejected by Havre, hard. They wanna start with 107 Mill and work down. He was likely a wonderkid…

We have moved up 4 places to the 58th club in Europe.

Serbia, Albania, and Montenegro have joined the EU!

My coach retires. I make a offer to a Belgian one to replace him

Our coach arrives!

I sell Tuanzebe and get 4 mill back in the kitty.

Have I found my new DMC. He’s Austrian and clearly a wonderkid. He plays for Stuttgart. We negotiate him for 11 mill….that’s all but 4 mill of my budget…

Do I wanna make the deal?

I scout him up. Name of Stefan Bell.

I offer a hot prospect deal to an Austrian.

Relegated – Toulouse, Caen, Angers

I agree to the deal with my Austrian

I accept a 3 mill offer for Otavio

I name Holding my captain and Moreira my Vice.

Otavio heads out and we get 1.5 mill back so we have 5.5 mill in the kitty.

Our squad is back. Let’s get EURO again!

I given Nielsen as week off as he is dead tired.
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