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Shakhtar. Not as bad as it could have been.

Gomes is out for a week and Jens will start for him

Our gate receipts of 1.2 mill is a new record!

Ligue Game #28 – Home vs Reims – I begin controlling against the 20th team in the Ligue. Which means we’ll struggle and finish 1-0. Which I’ll take.


Besnard to Joao, ifk, 22nd minute. Besnard!
Them in the 37th
Besnard to Slimani, goal, 71st minute. Besnard!!
Besnard to Slimani, goa, 74th minute. Besnard!!!
Besnard to Slimani, goal, 83rd minute. Besnard!!!!
They score in the 91st minute

We hold and win 4-2. MOM is Slimani. He will not go quietly into retirement!

I have 4.5 million left. I go wonderkid shopping. Any wonderkids I can sign? Anywhere? I can develop them and make them happy.

I scout some folks. A Dutch winger and two Argentinian keepers.
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