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4th – Away vs OM
9th – Away vs Shakhtar
12th – Home vs OL
16th – Home vs Shakhtar
19th – Home vs Nice

Good training – Bell, Besnard, Nielsen

Just five games but these first four are rough.

We finish with an offer for 3 mill for 17 year old GK Nicolás Gutiérrez from Argentina. He’ll join us in a few months. I also offer to another player in the same country.

We agree to 750k for Cristian Escobar another young youth from Argentina.

Ligue Game #29 – Away vs OM. I begin defending. Gomes is back from his injury.


Besnard to Lorenzo, 18th minute. Besnard!
They get a red card in the 43rd minute when they have no shots on goal
Them in the 78th

Game. We tie them 1-1. Credit OM for playing us hard for a half.

One big game down, three to go.
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