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GK Moreira – 3. He didn’t finish well. But he’s my best GK no doubt so we’ll need to get him back up to quality like he began the year.

DC Nielsen – 3 – Locked in as a starter

DC Holding – 3 – Locked in as a starter and my captain

DC Joao – 3 Locked in as a starter

DMC Bell – 3 Locked in as a starter

MC Machacek – 4 My best signing this year locked in+ as astarter.

MR Cano – 3 – Locked in as a starter

ML Lorenzo – 3 – Locked in as a starter

AMC Gomes – 0 – Letting go and have his replacement already under contract

ST Besnard – 4 – Cannot move him

ST Solanke – 2 – Playing the wrong role since I signed him as a complete forward but he plays deep lying one which is not his strength. I might be willing to bring in a stud deep lying forward or target man and drop him to #3 on my depth chart.

Leaving – Slimani, Gomes, De Preville

We tied PSG with 77 goals for most in the Ligue. We allowed 44 which was tied for 7th/
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