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Nitra won the Fortuna.

This dynasty is now tied with my longest of all time. If I play one game in year 7 this will be my longest ever…

Here are our annual season awards. Besnard was Player of the Year!

I hold a team meeting, let’s qualify for the Champion’s Cup again!

Great training for the year – Bell, Cano, Besnard, Lorenzo and Machacek.

We made 36 mill this year

Besnard’s 43 goals for Bordeaux is a new record. As is his 27 assists and his 12 MOM.

Man City defeated OL 2-0 to win the EURO

We get 6.6 mill from the EURO

Besnard was 3rd in the Player of the EURO and he made the EURO Dream Team. Good job Besnard!

Besnard is the gift that keeps giving…
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