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I’m surprised no one chased him in this past Winter break and I was expecting to lose him. That may happen in a little bit.

As Monaco won the French Cup 1-0 over Nantes

Our transfer money arrives and it might be enough for my stud winger, William Santana. It’s 28 mill. I go shopping.

We agree to a 22 mil dollar deal – that’d leave me 6 mill in surplus which should be fine. I have my starting XI ready so I only need a big giant stud like Santana

We offer him 75k/year for four years

I have 21 players called up for the U21 EURO Championships including four starters like Bell for Austria and Marchi and Besnard for France. As well as players like Ross Ferguson and Kamenik and Neilsen.

Kamenik was named as the Czech Division Young Player of the Year playing for Sparta Prague. Good job Kamenik.

Jankovic is now French

Santana has signed! There was interest from places like Man utd and Liverpool but no one else made an offer. He’ll count as a valuable Foreign player my first. He’ll join us in July 1st

Bordeaux moved up 5 spots to 52nd on the Euro clubs list

Aurélien Tchouameni signed with Strasbourg

We get that sweet Ligue 1 cash from our TV rights

We set a new audience high with an average attendance of 31,773

I set up friendlies with the Czech First Division.

I move Cano back to hot prospect in order to make room for my big acquisition

The job interviews are coming again. I decline one for AC Milan.
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