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5th – Friendly vs Toulouse our rival
12th – Away vs FC Sochaux-Montbéliard
19th – Home vs Montpelier
26th – Home vs Angers

Good training – Peeters, Traore, Lorenzo

Friendly vs Toulouse – We win 6-0. MOM is Besnard with four goals.

I keep my captain and vice captain.

Ligue Game #1 – Away vs FC Sochaux-Montbéliard – I begin defensively. This is my longest dynasty ever in FM after this game!


Joao to Besnard on a counter in the 41st
Cano crosses to Besnard for goal in the 69th
Cano to Besnard, goal, 73rd.
Them in the 75th
Joao to Jens, goal in the IFK on the 86th
Them in extra time

We win 4-2. Wanna see?

MOM is Besnard. Moreira allowed two goals on three on target shots and appears to be still showing his bad form.
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