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Ligue Game #3 – Home vs Angers – I begin standarding.


Santana to Besnard, goal, 21st minute
Solanke PK in the 23rd minute
Them in the 33rd
Marchi to Santana, goal in the 41st minute
Them in the 71st
Besnard to Marchi in the 76th
Solanke to Besnard 89th

We win 5-2. They had five shots on target. MOM is Besnard!

I reject an offer for Weah and I agree to offer him more money and I offer a backup role. He’s too old for hot prospect.

21 of my players are called up

We get a ton of cash for making the Champions League Group Stage

The transfer deadline is here, I haven’t gotten any offers for my wonderkids. Weird.


So long Champion;s Cup…

Are you ready for our group?

Get ready!

Bayern Munich


That’s the woodshed group.

The transfer deadline passes
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