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Champions Group Stage Game #2 – Away vs Benfica – I am starting Moreira as Rico wasn’t registered. I begin defensively. We tied them 1-1 away last time, and I’d be happy to do so again this year!


17th minute they foul Besnard in the box and Solanke….sinks the PK! That;s his 50th goal for Bordeaux
Besnard to Solanke, goal,. 26th minute…

And we are up 2-0! I doubt that score lasts with Moreira in GK.
Them in the 53rd off a corner kick
Solanke sinks a second PK in the 85th minute. I’ll take it. (They have gotten 5 cards this game to our 0)

We hold and win 3-1. MOM is Solanke’s hattrick. Solanke just plays up. There is a reason he is still on my team…

We make 1.5 mill

Marchi wants an increased deal and I offer him one that increases his salary from 5.5 k to 22.5/k but remains hot prospect.
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