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Group F Going into Game 5

Bordeaux – 8 points
Barca – 5 points
Bayern – 5 points
Benfica – 3 points

Champions Game #5 – Away vs Bayern – This is the last big game against a massive heavy. Can I steal a tie? Or even a win? A tie would give me an extra point against a the Benfica / Barca match result and would give me a strong way to get out. Can we get through? I have Moreira. I begin defensively.


Solanke to Besnard, counter, at the 0:31 mark!

Nice start!

They score in the 27th
Them in the 46th
Solanke to Besnard, 58th!

Not bad! Can we steal a tie?

They score in the 65th
Them in the 68th

We lose 2-4. Benfica won too so we are in 2nd tied with Bayern at 8 points, and Benfica is 3rd with 6 so we’ll need a result against them to get out.

Hey last year we beat them 5-1 in our place so if we have that luck we’ll get out!
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