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8th – Away vs Aveyron, French cup
20th – Home vs AS Saint-Etienne
24th – Home vs Renne
28th - Away vs Guingamp
31st – Away vs OL

Good training – Ferguson, Machacek, Peeters

The transfer window rises

Moreira signs with PSG. Holding doesn’t like it but accepts it. I name Santana my vice captain.

I scout some young talented Strikers. Can we make it through this window without any damage?

I reject a PSG Offer for Machacek and open up a new deal.

I come across a great young Striker kid named Nicolás Iriarte who plays for Boca in Argentina that would love to come play for us! But his skill set is better than but similar to Solanke. Well he’s more of a poacher than a complete forward but you get the idea. Dave Wood is this young English ST who plays for Derby and would love to come our way but he’s just an advanced forward like Besnard.

There is a stud ST in Argentina for Newell’s called Nicolás Blanco and Blanco is best as a trequarista. But that along side an advanced forward gives you two very attacky guys and I’m not sure that would work together. Because he plays a different role that could be my guy. Solanke is my worst player and I’d love to upgrade him but it’s hard do to so.

Another option is to go old. Mr Belgium Romelu Lukaku is coming free and would be happy to come to us. He’s a great target man although he’s 30. I could sign him for a two year deal and then move Solanke in the off season or move him to my 3rd St.

I like that. I make Lukaku an offer!

Lukaku signs with another team and won’t be bringing his game over to France next year for us. That’s a sad thing. I’ll keep the position fluid right now.
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