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1st Knockout Round, Champion’s League – Home vs Real Madrid. I begin countering. Ready?


Besnard to Holding on a corner kick in the 23rd! We are the first off the block!

Goals Cont.

Them in the 42nd
Machacek to Besnard, goal, 44th minute

Nice! We are showing up for this game!

Besnard to Solanke, extra time!!!

We are really showing up for this game!!!

Them in the 50th minute
Them in the 61st minute
Cano is send off in the 64th
Marchi scores in the 67th
March to Besnard, in the 68th!!!

We are not going away!

We hold and win 5-3!!! MOM is Besnard!

Cano is suspended for a match

That gives us a chance to get out!
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