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Champion QF 1st Leg Home vs At. Madrid – I have my starters back from the international break. I begin countering.


Solanke misses a PK in the 35th minute
Nielsen from Marchi on an IFK in the 48th

We are up over the big bad!
Griezmann scores in the 56th
Them in the 68th
Pk in the 70th by Solanke ties it
They get a red card for a professional foul on Besnard in the 74th. I move to controlling.

We tie 2-2. That should have been ours, we had a missed PK and 26 shots on target and 16 minutes with an 11:10 advantage. Ah well. Now we need to win on the road or get a 3-3 or 4-4 or 10-10 tie.
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