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We can only hope this is rock bottom.

Everything came crashing down in this one. We really didn't do anything well.

We couldn't run the ball despite making the change and giving Moe Boatwright the majority of the carries.

Don Witt played his worst game of the season by far, completing less than 50% of his passes and throwing two interceptions.

We were better in pass protection and SR Rob Flynn who replaced the struggling Byron Hay at guard this week was much better. He allowed 0 sacks on 28 dropbacks. Unfortunately, our other guard, Harvey Brisman went down with an injury so Hay will be back in the lineup regardless.

South Carolina's run game absolutely gashed us to the tone of 226 yards and 5.7 ypc.

Their passing game was efficient, completing 70% of their passes.

It's hard to find many bright spots defensively. Troy Hammond added another sack and Kelly Labounty picked off a pass.

This game was an eye-opener and sort of changes the mentality of the rest of the season. I think initially we had hopes of challenging for a spot in the playoff but I think now we shift more to maintaining respectability and understanding we don't have the personnel yet to do the things we want to do.

Next week is a matchup with 1-3 Kentucky.
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